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It is a completely painless procedure with local anesthesia before the implant application and supplementary medications given afterwards. Implant treatment can be easily applied to everyone except patients with a favorable medical history, not pregnant, not receiving radiotherapy, chemotherapy, not causing bone destruction and pediatric patients.

Yapılan kaplamaların ömürleri hastaların ağız hijyeni ile doğru orantılı olarak 5 ile 10 yıl arasında değişmektedir.

Hayır , aksine sert diş fırçası kullanan hastalarda yumuşak fırça kullanan hastalara oranla daha çok diş ve diş eti problemine rastlanmaktadır.

The main cause of bad breath is plaque accumulated in places where oral hygiene is not adequate and neglect of tongue hygiene.

Contrary to popular belief, the period of deciduous dentition is a very important period and these treatments should be applied when prescribed by the physician in order to ensure that the permanent teeth coming from below are healthy.

As a result of the planned treatment, the condition of the teeth is also taken into consideration and the type of veneer is decided together with the patient.

The origin of this problem may be a problem in the jaw joint. In such a case, an examination should be performed with a specialist and the real cause of the problem should be determined.
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